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About us

BDD-STERI is the first company in the Republic of Macedonia that uses new
solutions for creating clean air in environments burdened with infections, viruses,
fungi and bacteria, in polluting industries and in urban centers. Our innovative
technologies enable customers clean air solutions in form of green technologies in all
kinds of indoor environments of different sizes.
The BDD-STERI company has exclusive cooperation with INFUSER, whose
headquarters are located in Denmark. The INFUSER’s team is composed of
international experts and scientists who work directly with the academy and industry,
at their base and laboratories located in the heart of the scientific city of
Goals – We are a company with high community, social and ethical responsibility.
Our main goal is to become the leader of the Macedonian market in providing
services for decontamination of all types of surfaces from multi-resistant bacteria,
fungi and viruses, air purification and elimination of bad odors from industrial and
other emissions.
Mission – Our mission is to provide green, sustainable, efficient and innovative
solutions for sterilization of all types of facilities, capacities and spaces, thus creating
a positive contribution to the environment.
Vision – BDD-STEREI has a vision to provide for itself, its customers, partners and
other associates, a cleaner environment and a cleaner atmosphere, both in the
present and the future.
Values – We work in team, we take responsibility for our activities, implement our
goals, deliver our promises. We are committed to taking a step further in enabling
services that will create solutions to which we are all proud. Our products and
services help companies to profit in a variety of ways – from reducing the number of
employees, reducing infections and diseases in their premises, buildings or urban
centers, removing bad odors or eliminating the need for closing certain facilities due
to the inability to fulfill the legal obligations regarding the performance of certain